Considering a new Oil Boiler? What are the costs involved and what is an average New Boiler price?

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new oil boiler costs and prices

OK, the oil boiler has finally packed it in and you have no choice but to bite the bullet and invest in a new oil boiler.  But what is this going to set me back, what is a new oil boiler cost and how is that figure made up but a heating service company like NT Heating & Plumbing?

How the cost of a New Oil Boiler is Costed

Every business has its costs, you know yourself, Vehicles, Fuel, Insurance, Admin, wages…but a lot of people never consider the years of training that Oil Boiler Engineers have to go through.  FAS Training for years, an apprenticeship and then you always have to stay abreast of manufacturers new launches and go on industry training.  The exams, the annual certificates and also annual registration.  All these costs and time add up.

But what about the day to day costs and on the job costs of a New Oil Boiler Install?

Most new oil boiler installs require a couple of engineers, its never a one man job.  So, labour can also add up, an new oil boiler install can take a couple of days at a minimum.  And in many cases, a qualified electrician has to complete and sign off on the electrical work, again, more costs.

And the Boiler itself?

Ye, the biggest cost associated with a new oil boiler is in fact the Boiler itself.  There is a margin on the price which NT Heating & Plumbing can achieve from the Boiler Manufacturers, which we pass onto our clients.  At NT Heating & Plumbing we buy in bulk in order to pass on the best boiler price to our clients, our stores have a collection of spare parts and oil boilers at the ready to install. We almost have stock levels, and again, this level of assurance can add to the price and cost of an oil boiler.

Roughly speaking New Oil Boiler Prices start from €1600 to €2000 – depending on your requirements.  But what might these requirement might be?

An Apartment – Gas Boiler Only

€2,500 to €3,000 – A Cherry Picker might be required, which can bring up the cost and usually the apartment management company is involved

A Four Bedroom House

€2,500 – €3,500, which will depend on your boiler choice and warranty

A Business Premises

You will have to consider a ‘Semi Commercial Boilers’, and you could be looking at between, €4,000 to €5,000.

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