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Oil Boiler Scrappage

Call now to scrap your oil boiler and save money today… Why Scrap Now? Home heating oil is currently over 40% more expensive that natural gas An old boiler can waste up to 40% of the fuel it burns Modern ‘A’ Rated condensing boilers are over 90% efficient Call Nationwide for a Complimentary Quotation on: 01 539 7223 or 085…

New Heating System

New Heating System – In our last blog post we spoke about moving from Oil to Gas, we will continue this trend and speak about the benefits of a new heating system, specifically moving to a Gas new heating system… We have already mentioned the convenience of Gas, no ordering, waiting about the house for the delivery, air locks, substandard…

New Heating System

Check out our latest video on the NT Heating & Plumbing YouTube channel – Boiler Types Explained in simple terms.