Why you might be looking for a New Gas Boiler and what are the Best Gas Boiler out there…

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Greenstar 8000 Life - 12 Year Warranty - Best Gas Boiler

There are a number of reasons you might consider and start to investigate options around a new gas boiler, these might be:

  • Your current gas boiler is over 10 years old, the lifespan of older Gas Boilers are typically ten years however, modern boilers can perform very well past 15 years
  • You have noticed that the performance of your heating system isn’t quite as it used to be
  • You have become a little more eco-friendly and considerate
  • You want to avail of some very attractive government grants
  • And with better performance equals greater savings in fuel
  • And maybe Gas is now available to you in your area and you want to move from Oil to Gas
  • Then just like buying a new car, you have a manufacturer guarantee up to five years and with some Gas Boiler Manufacturers, seven years, and others up to twelve years (more to follow) – a great sense of security and a serious ‘reliability’ statement and commitment from the Boiler manufacturers
  • New hardware also equates to new gadgets and apps on your phone that can help you manage your heating system from anywhere in the world.  Allowing you again to save on wastage and also, allow you to quickly manage the heat distribution throughout your house – which is referred to as Zonal Heating
  • Some fair points, in fact some say you could save approximately 400 euro per annum by installing a new gas boiler.

But you have probably already decided to purchase a new gas boiler, the question now is, what is the best Gas Boiler out there that fits your budget and what is required for my particular house or apartment?  We will quickly profile three gas boiler which at NT Heating & Plumber we swear by…and they are all from Worchester Bosch…here goes…

Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers – Consider the best in class

And they back this claim up with a whopping 12 Year Warranty.  Incredible.  Let’s take a look at two of the best Gas Boilers from Worcester Bosch – why they stand out from the crowd and in what circumstance are they a perfect fit…

Best in Class…Worcester Bosch 8000 Life – Features and Other Positives

Greenstar 8000 Life - 12 Year Warranty - Best Gas Boiler

Worcester Bosch 8000 Life
  • Award Winning
  • Modern Design
  • Wall Hung
  • power outputs of up to 50kW
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Easy Smart Controls

Check out this video:

Worcester Bosch 2000

Ideal for apartments, small and medium sized homes with one bathroom, features include:

5 Year guarantee as standard, upgraded to 6 year when an installed Greenstar System Filter. If you want the peace of mind, ten years comes with the primary heat exchanger.

Worcester 2000 - New Gas Boiler

Worcester Bosch 2000
  • Natural Gas only
  • Our quietest combi boiler
  • Quick to install with the option to pipe vertically to the boiler
  • Easy access with removable side panels

We don’t want to get too technical, so, here is the full technical spec on the Worcester Bosch Website.

Here is a great video on the Worcester 2000:

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