Gas Boiler Installation Cost – what you need to know

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Gas Boiler Installation Cost – When you heat your home with hot water, you may love the fact that your system is pretty low in maintenance and can give you a steady supply of heat. Unfortunately, as with other types of heating systems, your boiler system may break down over time and there may come a time to replace it. If you have it serviced regularly, you may be able to delay it, but at some point, each boiler has to be replaced with a new model.

Gas Boiler Installation Cost – Advantages of replacing your boiler

While it seems like a great expense of money to replace your boiler, the good news is that there are many advantages to doing this. While they may vary depending on the type of boiler you have now and the type you are getting in the future, here are some general benefits to replace your boiler.

Gas Boiler Installation Cost – Benefits – Reduced Monthly Bills

The main advantage is that it can reduce your heating costs. This can be achieved in two ways. The first is that it can use less energy to heat the water. An older boiler can take more gas or electricity to warm water to the point where it can heat your home. This means that your energy bills are higher and that your heating costs can be higher than you would like them to be.

Gas Boiler Installation Cost – Benefits – A Greener Home

Another advantage to replacing your boiler is that it can reduce the CO2 footprint your home generates. Because older boilers consume more energy to heat the water inside, they produce a higher carbon footprint. Reducing the amount of carbon that is generated by supplying your home is something that appeals to people who want a much greener home.

Gas Boiler Installation Cost – Benefits – Retrofits

Replacing a boiler can be expensive for many people. However, there are ways that you will be able to reduce the cost of replacing the boiler you already have. If a new system is outside your price range, you can look at a boiler retrofit that may be able to produce the boiler that you have more efficient at producing heat.

Gas Boiler Installation Cost – Benefits – Government Grants

There are government grants available that can significantly reduce your boiler replacement cost, see the link on our site all about the grant application process.

Gas Boiler Installation Cost at NT Heating & Plumbing

We provide a nationwide boiler replacement service, so, give us a call on 01-5397223, complete our online Gas Boiler Installation Appointment Form or email us at, info@BoilerReplacement.ie and we will provide you with an instant and very competitive quote – remember we are nationwide.

Gas Boiler Installation
Gas Boiler Installation

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