Evohome – Zonal Heating Systems – How they work

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Evohome – Back in the day, before Apps, if you wanted a zoned heating system you would have to install a wall mounted thermostat in every room as well as fitting motorised valves to the pipework. The installation costs along were quite prohibitive. Nowadays you can remotely control each room in your home by using an Evohome App for example, you’ve already paid for your phone, and the App in effect replaces the need to manage each wall mounted thermostat in each room. So, what are zonal heating systems?

Evohome – What are Zonal Heating Systems?

Each thermostat in each room can remotely control your heating for each particular room. For example, before you head home from work, you switch on the heating zone within your living room and kitchen, which you are relaxing after your dinner in front of the TV, you decide to spend an hour in your study room, before you head to bed. You switch on the heating zone in the study room, which off the heating in the Kitchen and Living and perhaps switch on the zone for your bedroom.

Your heating requirements and controlled as your require them. Now, think about getting home to a cold home, switching on the heat for the entire house, waiting for your home to heat up and think about the energy wastage?

It should also be remembered, you can have different temperatures for different rooms, another benefit.

Something like the below. If you give it some thought, your storeroom might be under 10 degrees and your toilet in the low teens and your living room above twenty.

Evohome Honeywell
Evohome Honeywell

These are all the obvious ways in which a system like Zonal Heating System like Evohome can really make serious long term savings. Below is a diagram of how Zonal Heating works:


Some people also refer to zonal heating systems as multi zoning.

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