The Worcester Boiler

Worcester Boilers are historically a British brand, however they are now owned by the renowned German manufacturing brand, the BOSCH group. You can expect precision engineering, reliability and very good customer service. You may pay a higher price for a Worcester Boiler, but on the other hand you are buying a premium product that will last and deliver.

We have a warehouse of spare parts (manufacturer spare parts) for all boilers brands including Worcester Boilers and we also stock a catalogue of new Worcester Boilers, just in case there is an immediate requirements.

Check out a short Worcester Boiler Video which details the reasons why you should cleanse your boiler central heating system. At we are authorised, trained and registered Worcester Boiler installers with countless years of experience. You are in good hands.

Remember, we Service Existing Worcester Boilers, Install New Worcester Boilers and Repair Older Worcester Boilers, in fact, all makes and models! So, give us a call on 01-5397223, complete our online appointment form, or email us at, - remember we are nationwide.

Worcester Boiler - Reasons to Cleanse Your Boiler Central Heating System

The Worcester Boiler

Worcester Boiler