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At we have been a registered Baxi Boiler installers since 2009, now we have a little bit of catching up with Baxi, as they are over 150 years old!! A company built on the premise of quality manufacturing and innovation, which is illustrated well in this Baxi Boiler Manufacturing Video:

Baxi makes it easy - Quality Manufacturing

Baxi have a wide range of boilers and heating solutions, such as Combi Boilers, Heat only Boilers, System Boilers and Renewables. Now, you can give us a call and we will recommend the most appropriate Baxi Boiler for your house or apartment and to match your needs and budget. However, Baxi have a great selection tool on their website, which is very useful. It will help education you and make you feel at ease with your choice. Baxi Boiler Product Selection Link.

Remember, we have been working with Baxi Boilers for almost ten years all over Ireland. We Service existing Baxi Boilers, Install New Baxi Boilers and Repair Older Baxi Boilers, in fact all makes and models. So, give us a call on 01-5397223, complete our online appointment form, or email us at, – remember we are nationwide.

Baxi Boiler