Boiler Replacement & Boiler Replacement Cost

So, you have decided that your boiler needs replacing. Well it’s not all bad news! If you replace your boiler, you will, in the longer term save up to 25% on fuel cost, the performance of the boiler will increase (your premises will feel warmer) and you’re doing your bit for the environment.

So, there is a cost in the short term, but it will pay off, trust us! So, the reality is you need to try and budget for a new boiler. What kind of costs are you looking at?

Boiler Replacement - Brands and Costs

Well, it can very much depend on the brand of boiler you go for. A little like buying tyres, Premium: Pirelli, Mid-Range: Hankook, Economy: Dayton and so on. They all do the same job however some will provide a better performance and last longer, but of course you end up investing upfront for a longer term return.

With that analogy in mind, Worchester Bosch may be perceived as a premium brand, Ideal Logic, Mid Range and Vokera above economy. And the price range reflects that: €1950 for a Worchester boiler, €1800 for an Ideal boiler installation and €1600 for a Vokera boiler replacement.

Boiler Replacement - Climote - Remote Management of your Heating System

At Boiler Replacement .ie we also have our eye on mobile technology and the remote management of your heating system. So, we are partners of Climote, the award winning App that allows you to control your heating system while you are away on holidays! Or maybe you’d like to switch on your heating while you drive home from work, maybe! Climote is the perfect solution.

Climote and zonal heating installations can cost from €650 to €495 and we can help you with the most appropriate solution for your home or business. Feel free to give us a call and reach out if you are looking for impartial advice or a boiler replacement cost. We will work within your budget.

You can see our full ‘Boiler Replacement Cost’ and Climote Installations here.

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Boiler Replacement - Brands and Manufacturers

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