Central Heating Systems

There are three types of central heating systems that you can install, these are:

  • 'wet systems' - involving a boiler/heat exchanger and radiators
  • warm air system
  • storage heaters

Central Heating Systems - Wet Systems

Probably the most popular central heating system in Irish homes, a 'wet system' in simple terms is hot water circulating through pipes, which are connected to radiators. A boiler is the nucleus of a wet system – it burns the fuel (in some systems there is a heat exchange), the system heats the water which feeds the pipe network.

Central Heating Systems - Warm Air System

Not so popular in Ireland and typically used in commercial buildings that also serves as an air conditioning system. Air is heated by a boiler (usually natural gas) and this air is distributed throughout the premises via ducts to rooms, the warm air enters a room via a floor or wall vent.

Central Heating Systems - Storage Heaters

Storage Heaters have the ability to store heat, the idea is that a storage heater is recharged overnight on cheaper electricity tariffs and the heat is then gradually released the following day. Modern storage heaters are not nearly as blocky as their predecessors and are easier to install than gas central heating systems. However, the cost of electricity is greater than oil or gas and as you can imagine with storage heaters you do not have instant control of your heating system, so it’s important to plan your heating in advance!

Check out the cost comparisons image below, which may influence your decision!

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Types of Central Heating Systems and Cost Comparison

Central Heating Systems